Forge ahead in the new era, open up a new journey, Yiyijia new product launch conference

1.24/December/2022 YIYIJIA Decor together with the customer come for 20 countries start product launch conference, Instruct the achievement of last 20 Years, Here is the summary

The chairman of the company first thanked the partners for their great contributions in the company’s development process, and analyzed the past and future market forms with customers, established a new stage of marketing methods and goals, and awarded trophies to customers.
The chairman explained the company’s first explosive product, PVC marble wallboard, which is made of waterproof and flame-retardant PVC as the main raw material. In 2006, Yiyijia pioneered the industry’s first-of-its-kind product, which became popular sales within a year. Many manufacturers have entered the imitation marble slab industry, and the product competition is fierce. The company has maintained a strong competitiveness in the past 20 years by adjusting the formula and reforming the technology. Widely acclaimed by the market. In 2012, Yiyijia launched the matching product wood-plastic concave-convex board, which perfectly matches with PVC marble board. The product is easy to install, low in price, waterproof, fireproof and termite-proof. It continues to be popular in Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. Choice has become a welfare product in the decoration industry, and today more and more markets are purchasing our products.

Finally, the chairman of the company introduced our new polystyrene products. The products can cover indoor and outdoor, so decoration materials, floor panels, wall panels, decorative strips, skirting boards and other products are mainly white, and nearly ten thousand kinds can be customized. Wood grain and marble texture, based on excellent product characteristics, can heat press a variety of natural textures on the surface of the product. After a high temperature treatment of more than 200 degrees Celsius, the product is truly formaldehyde-free and environmentally friendly. The product has various sizes, shapes, and easy cutting. The company provides samples In the new stage, this product will surely occupy a huge market.

Post time: Feb-07-2023