New arrival product of MDF wall panel

Our company recently launched a new sound-absorbing wall panel, which is composed of surface layer MDF and base material polyurethane. The product has various colors, is safe and pollution-free, and has won a huge market by virtue of its excellent performance. It sells well in Europe, America and Asia. The product size and width are 60 cm, 28 cm, and 30 cm , length 2.4 meters, 3 meters can be customized at will, thickness 21mm, can meet CARB P2 standard, direct installation, noise reduction coefficient 0.3, if the keel installation noise reduction coefficient 0.9, just clean it with a vacuum cleaner or a dry rag

The minimum order quantity of the product is 200 square meters, the color can be chosen at will, solid color, metallic color or wood grain are all available, and the effect is better when equipped with a light strip. We can provide you with nails or glue to fully meet your decoration needs

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MDF wall panel 01

Post time: Mar-30-2023