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Wpc cladding also called wpc outdoor wall panel.It can be a perfect decoration to make the concrete building embody a natural and perfect appearance.According to different market demands, more cladding designs and colors are available. Due to the advanced performance, such as UV-resistance, long duration, stable mechanical properties, heat insulation and easy installation, wpc outdoor wall panel have been applied in many applications and have got great reputation from our clients.

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The size of wpc cladding is 220*26mm,152*15 and 155*20mm. The length is generally 2.9 meters, and other lengths can also be customized. The surface of wpc cladding has two kinds of co-extrusion and non-co-extrusion. The surface of non-co-extrusion is simple to deal with, and its durability is not as good as that of co-extrusion, so the price is relatively cheap. The extra layer of PVC film on the co-extrusion surface is very good in terms of durability. There is a layer of anti-oxidation and corrosion-resistant material on the surface of the co-extruded wallboard, which is more resistant to oxidation and corrosion.The packaging of wpc cladding is packed in cartons, and our delivery time is also very fast.

The advantages of wpc outdoor wall panel

1.Strength and durability: Stain-proof, mildew and mold proof, no cracking, no need for oiling or painting!
2.Convenience: Easy to install and ultra easy to maintain!
3.Appearance: Looks like real wood-even up close!
4.Living space: Adds outdoor living space for the entire family to enjoy, and at a low cost!
5.Premium fabrication: Use the best quality brand new materials to deliver the highest-quality product to homeowners and home owners!
6.Environmentally-friendly: Fabricated from recycled wood and plastic, and it is 100% recyclable, leaving no carbon footprint. Look great!
Our WPC cladding has various colors for your choice.
Teak,pure black,Walnut,Mahogany,Populus flow pattern,Maple color flow pattern,Walnut color flow pattern,Silver gray chaotic pattern Rosewood,Ancient wood color,Ancient wood color with black flow pattern.
We have advantages that other suppliers do not have: free sample service, please contact customer service staff for samples. To provide you with high-quality products with high quality and low price, all products are guaranteed for 5 years!

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