E0 Grade Anti-slip Wood Series Spc Click Vinyl Flooring Interlocking Vinyl Planks for Dining Room Floor

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SPC flooring is a new type of flooring material invented in response to national emission reduction. The main raw material of SPC flooring, polyvinyl chloride resin, is an environmentally,friendly and non-toxic renewable resource,100% free of formaldehyde, lead, benzene,heavy metals and carcinogens, no radiation, real natural environmental protection.
The green rating of the spc flooring is E0 level. The sizes we have are152*1220mm and 183*1220mm. The thickness is 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm. If the order is large, we can also customize the size for you. Substrate materials are divided into recycled materials and new materials. You can choose the substrate material according to your own economic situation. And the spc flooring is very easy to install, no glue, self-locking installation, more environmentally friendly and healthy. It is very suitable for bedroom, living room and baby room.

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The composition of spc flooring are

1.Uv layer.Floor surface protective layer insulates surface stains into floor layer
2.Abrasion resistant layer. Clear wear-resistant layer, stereo concave and convex polymer layer protect the floor color texture from wear for a long time
3.Color film layer. 1:1 restore the real wood grain so that the floor wear-resistant situation is still beautiful.
4.Hearth layer. Poly mer material ensures that floor is controlled when cold and hot.
5.Silent cushion.Noise reduction and sound insulation,both buffer and moisture-proof effect.

SPC flooring has many advantages

1.100% waterproof, PVC and water without affinity, will not be due to humidity and mildew. SPC floor is not due to moisture deformation, toilet and other wet environment can be used.
2.Excellent wear-resistant, SPC floor surface wear-resistant layer is a high-tech processing transparent wear-resistant layer, its wear-resistant rotation can reach about 10000 rpm. According to the thickness of wear-resistant layer, the service life of SPC floor is more than 10-50 years.
3.The fire prevention rating of spc floor is Grade b1 , second only to stone , which is automatically extinguished for 5 seconds away from the flame , does not have spontaneous combustion , and will not produce toxic and harmful gases .
4.Ultra-light,ultra-thin,the thickness of about spc flooring is 4 mm-12 mm,light quality,less than 10% of ordinary ground materials.For the weight bearing of stairs and space saving in high-rise buildings.
5.The surface is fine and smooth, the line texture is clear,Stone grain and other colors can be customized.
SPC flooring is also anti-slip,high flexibility, sound and noise-proof and high temperature(80degrees)low temperature (-20 degrees) and other characteristics.
We have a professional production factory, We have a stable supply capacity. We can fully guarantee good quality, welcome to come to us for consultation!

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