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The usage rate of wood veneer in home decoration is very high. For home decoration, some use wood veneer to make the TV background wall, and some use wood veneer to make the bedroom background wall, etc.

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Wood veneer

The texture of wood veneer is very good, and its texture is better than that of tiles and paints. When used in simple or Chinese-style home decoration, the overall effect will look more beautiful and harmonious. The decorative effect of wood veneer is better, and it can make the interior more simple and natural after use. The construction of wood veneer is very simple and convenient, just use glue to stick it directly on the wall or furniture during construction. The appearance of wood veneer is beautiful and fashionable, and it can be used in various colors to meet the decoration needs of different styles. The material is moisture-proof and waterproof, not easy to mildew; The convenience and speed. Wood veneer does not add any glue during the entire production process, completely avoiding the release of formaldehyde, and uses environmentally friendly glue when covering the film. In addition to ensuring good adhesion under heating, it hardly contains any harmful gas volatilization. Our metal-textured wood veneer solves some installation scenarios that cannot be achieved with stainless steel and aluminum panels. It can reduce noise, improve sleep quality, directly cause diffuse reflection of sound, thereby reducing the impact of sound, and because of its own material factors, it can also directly absorb some noise. It can adjust the humidity in the air. When the water vapor in the air directly presses higher than the wood, the wood will naturally absorb some excess water in the air, which can also relieve the physical fatigue of the human body, so it is also helpful to the health of the human body.

Regardless of the ordinary wood veneer, it can be heated on the back to make an arc shape, and it can also be grooved on the back, which perfectly solves the transfer problem perfectly. It is also fireproof and waterproof, far beyond your imagination.

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