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Nail-free glue refers to a multi-functional building structure superglue with strong adhesive force. Nail-free glue is widely used in decoration, furniture and building materials because of its fast bonding speed, high bearing strength, low dosage, and easy operation, and many other industries. For bonding and fixing cladding materials, wood, plasterboard, metal, mirror, glass, plastic, rubber, tiles, etc. Basically, it can bond all building materials, and different materials can also be bonded by that. Nowadays, Nail-free glue has been warmly used because its multiple advantages, not only because Nail-free glue is an environment-friendly product without formaldehyde or peculiar smell. it is synthesized from resin materials and can be bonded with any material. But also because it has no smell and will never turn black or mildew, it has outstanding weatherproofing ability, resisting to ultraviolet ray, ozone, snow or temperature extremes. First, Its bonding speed is fast, depending on the amount of glue used, generally 2-3 hours, the surface is cured, and it is completely cured in about one day. It's easy to use, one-part, no mixing required. Regular caulking guns can be dispensed with. Moreover, Cures to form a strong, flexible seal capable of withstanding movement in and around the joint and it has wide bonding range, suitable for all building decoration materials. The storage period of the nail-free glue is long, and it can be stored for more than 24 months in a warehouse at 27°C. In addition, the use of the nail-free glue is easy to operate, and there is no need for drilling or nailing, which greatly saves manpower, material resources, and other cost. YIYIJIA DECOR always insist on providing customers with the best products and services. In order to facilitate the needs of customers to install wall panels, we have carefully selected the most cost-effective products among many categories of nail-free glue products for customers, and have received many good reviews and feedback, welcome customers in need to inquire at any time!


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